"The sound was very fresh and enjoyable just like a perfect warm weather day." - Danna TUnney


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Travis James is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. His first EP, Season Of Mine, was completed in 2012 and is a patchwork of carefully thought out lyrics, melodies, and stories that symbolize a season of life, growth and reflection.  Since recording his EP Travis has continued to write dozens of new songs while  performing at all the top Vancouver venues such as The Roxy, The Studio, The Red Room and others .

Travis James started playing guitar at the age of 17 and quickly fell in love with the complexity of it.  He studied classical music in university for 3 years and in the spring of 2014 decided to pursue his love of songwriting and performing on a fulltime basis.  With over 100 performances to his credit, Travis James offers up a stage presence filled with humorous banter that always creates a lighthearted and uplifting mood.

Travis James has always had a tremendous respect and appreciation for the great songwriters such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen. His modern day Influences come from writers such as John Mayer, Ben Howard, and Chris Martin. 

Travis James has just released in new EP titled "Timeless As The Moon". This EP reflects on the journey Travis James has made in these last 3 years, focusing on the struggle and beauty of pushing through life and finding hope and purpose in something beyond yourself.  Some of the title tracks from this EP are The Way We Never Say Goodbye, Rainy Days, and Beautiful Friend. 

Travis finished up his First full Canadian tour of 40 shows and since then has been featured in several Hallmark films including "The Sweetest Heart" and "All my heart 2". He is also currently back in the studio getting ready to release two more singles. 


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Live video

Travis James performing a live version of his song "Take me with you." Its a song that represents the journey of leaving what you know and going off to find out what you're made of. 

This is a clip of a recent hallmark Travis had his music featured in. "The Sweetest Heart."

Song: Somebody Knows Your Name