"The sound was very fresh and enjoyable just like a perfect warm weather day." - Danna TUnney


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Vancouver Singer-songwriter Travis James is a restless hearted guitar player searching for meaning amidst the chaos of life. His music is a patchwork of soulful melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and blues infused guitar playing. Travis takes the stage armed with his guitar and a deep “rough around the edge” vocal style that takes you on a journey from beginning to end. His appreciation for the songwriters who set the stage before him like Dylan, Mayer, and Springsteen continue to shape the way he approaches his writing.

Travis James has just released his most recent EP titled "Timeless As The Moon". This EP reflects on the journey he has made in these last 3 years, it focuses on the struggle and beauty of pushing through life and finding hope and purpose in something beyond yourself.  Some of the title tracks from this EP are The Way We Never Say Goodbye, Rainy Days, and Beautiful Friend. 

Travis finished up his First full Canadian tour of 40 shows and has since been featured in several Hallmark films including "The Sweetest Heart" and "All my heart 2". He is also currently back in the studio getting ready to release two more singles. 


Music and pictures


Live video

Travis James performing a live version of his song "Take me with you." Its a song that represents the journey of leaving what you know and going off to find out what you're made of. 

This is a clip of a recent hallmark Travis had his music featured in. "The Sweetest Heart."

Song: Somebody Knows Your Name