timeless cover.png

Timeless As The Moon EP

by Travis James


Timeless As The Moon has been an on going project since I finished my last EP back in 2012. This Album is really a reflection of the last few years and figuring out the things that hold value to me musically and as a human. 

Heres a list of all the wonderful musicians/people who helped out on this EP.

Produced/Engineered/Mixed by: Spencer Bleasdale, Vocals: Kate Embree, Drums: Jonathan Van Egmond, Bass: Darren Parris, Piano: Cat Thomson Slide Guitar:Bobby Wieler, Horns: Kent Wallace, Strings: Katie Green, Laurel Collings

A special thanks to the Spencer Bleasdale who worked tirelessly to help me put this whole thing together. An amazing producer, artist, and friend.

All songs written and composed by: Travis James